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XL Long Stroke Units

The Liberty Lift Long Stroke (XL) Pumping Unit offers an ideal means of managing production cost at an optimum level. The XL provides high performance, rugged design, greater efficiency, and proven reliability. Its extra-long stroke length of 306 inches allows the rod pump’s slower travel time to provide more complete fillage and higher volumetric efficiency. The XL is well suited for work in deviated, deep, high volume wells as an optimal alternative to ESPs. Click on tabs below to learn more and contact us with any questions.


  • All designs and drawings produced by experienced Liberty Lift engineers
  • Controlled fabrication and manufacturing operation to meet stringent requirements
  • Fewer cycles reduce rod problems, tubing troubles and workover frequency
  • Optimized production with variable pump speeds and pump fillage rates
  • XL’s stroke creates a gas compression ratio that effectively eliminates gas locking
  • Slower downstroke minimizes load range and improves life


  • Wireless Load Cell
  • High efficiency and dependable electric motor
  • Wire mesh personnel safety guards
  • Efficient self-contained hydraulic rollback system
  • Unit Sentry operational safety monitor
  • Helical involute gear design
  • Safety tie-offs at all access points
  • Emergency braking system
  • Three sets of wind guard panels
  • Wind guard wheels
  • Upper proximity sensor

Top Sprocket
  • Supported by high-capacity double-row self-aligning spherical roller bearings
  • Adjustable position compensates for chain wear
  • Ready accessibility from mid-tower platform
  • Personnel safety tie-offs and caged ladders
  • Efficient non-bath oiling system

Counterweight Box
  • Guided by 12 roller contact points for smooth, controlled operation
  • Traversing carriage for stroke transition
  • Partitioned for adjustment to offset rod string weight
  • Personnel platform for easy unit access

Gear Reducer
  • Double reduction helical design
  • Manufactured from using a precision hobbing process
  • Manufactured to API 11E specifications
  • Ductile iron gears for enhanced durability
  • Quenched and tempered alloy steel pinions for long life
  • Course pitch design helps withstand operational load fluctuations
  • Oversized anti-friction bearings for increased safety
  • Removable safety covers on braking system and reducer sheave

Top Drum
  • Supported by two self-aligning double-row spherical roller bearings
  • Heavy-duty coated woven load belt carcass
  • Covered for protection from elements and contaminants

Unit Sentry Operational Safety Monitor
  • Over speed detection
  • Vibration detection
  • Rod pump control (RPC) pause and fault
  • VSD pause and fault
  • Emergency stop
  • High and low load shutdown
  • Operator defined faults (2)
  • Multiple restart options after power loss
  • Control of structure oiling system
  • Recognizes loss of load cell signal