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Liberty Lift Solutions combines its industry experience and engineered products with a team of knowledgeable veterans trained to service your artificial lift requirements. Operating from service centers within the major U.S. oil and gas drilling regions, we provide our customers with full, 24/7 service on all Liberty Lift equipment as well as other beam pumping units.


  • Gear repair
  • Structural components
  • Structural bearings
  • Boring and sleeving crank arms

Field Service

  • Preventive maintenance inspections
  • Pumping unit installation
  • Polished rod replacement
  • Changing of belts, sheaves and prime movers
  • Optimization – stroke changes, unit balancing and rod string adjustment
  • Bearing maintenance
  • Gas lift system setup and repair
  • Hydraulic jet pump installation and service


  • Structural bearings
  • Gears
  • Structural components
  • Customized belt guards

Pumping Unit Service & OEME Parts

  • Original Equipment Manufactured Equivalent (OEME) parts for Weatherford’s Rotaflex, American, Max I and Max II pumping units, Lufkin’s Conventional and Mark II pumping units
  • Refurbished parts
  • Concrete bases for any pumping unit
  • Liberty Lift Solutions NEMA D motors, designed specifically for beam pumping units

Find OEME parts and learn about our pumping unit services


  • Gas lift valve hydrotest and system setup


  • New and reconditioned beam pumping units
  • Gas lift mandrels and valves
  • Concrete bases
  • Liberty Lift electric motors
  • Hydraulic jet pump units
  • Hydraulic jet pump parts and rental skids


  • 10 to 90 ton crane capability
  • Extended reach bucket trucks
  • Haul trucks – drop deck and float

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