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Downhole Rod Pump

Regardless of the type of pumping unit installed, Liberty Lift can build a rod pump for it. There’s a reason more than 600,000 artificially lifted wells rely on rod pumping; low cost, high efficiency, wide application range, easily repaired, and a reliable track record in the industry. When used in conjunction with Liberty Lift’s XL 416, which has the longest stroke length in the industry, our rod pumping system can outproduce and outperform our competition and help our customers get the most out of their artificial lift investments.

The rod pump is a critical component of producing a well but it belongs to a system that must work together. Liberty Lift is a solutions provider, not just a parts provider, and with our industry-leading artificial lift team, we can design a system that will meet your expectations and solve your artificial lift problems. 


  • Low cost
  • High efficiency 
  • Wide production range 3 – 3,000 BFPD
  • Easily repaired
  • Tolerant to sand, gas, and high water cut with the right design
  • Most commonly used artificial lift type
  • Parts availability


  • Wide variety of metallurgy from alloy steel to brass, stainless steel and Monel components.
  • Ability to custom design and machine pump parts outside of our normal offerings.
  • Can effectively produce gassy and sandy wells with our proven Triple Spiral separator and BHA combo.
  • Newly designed 2” tubing pump to take full advantage of the XL 416.
  • Industry experts with combined decades of global rod pumping experience.
Liberty Lift downhole rod pump

Liberty Lift currently services pumps in the Permian and Bakken but we are a global supplier of rod pumping systems both domestically and internationally, please contact us below for any inquiries.



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