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Liberty Lift Solutions LLC opens Bakersfield service center

HOUSTON, TX (August 28, 2013) – Liberty Lift Solutions LLC., a pumping unit manufacturing, service and repair company, has opened a service center in Bakersfield, CA at 18803 Hwy. 65. Liberty Lift will be manufacturing an extensive line of North American designed beam pumping units in both conventional and enhanced geometry models with 5 year […]

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Liberty Lift Solutions LLC., acquired the assets of Timberline Service and Repair Inc.

HOUSTON, TX (September 4, 2013) – Liberty Lift Solutions LLC. (“Liberty Lift”), acquired the assets of Timberline Service and Repair Inc. (“Timberline”), a pumping unit service and repair business with service centers located in Casper, WY and Dickinson, ND. Timberline has a rich history of best – in – class service spanning over 30 years […]

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Liberty Lift Solutions LLC. acquires Reliable Inspection Service

MIDLAND, TX (May 16, 2013) – Liberty Lift Solutions LLC., acquired Reliable Inspection Service, a pumping unit inspection and maintenance business in Midland, TX. As a result of this purchase, Liberty Lift will continue to provide inspection and maintenance services to over 6,000 wells in the Permian Basin in addition to offering a full range […]

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Our industry experts offer 120 years of combined experience in sales and repair

The five leaders of Liberty Lift began their careers in oil and gas 30 years ago. Each through the decades have earned solid reputations as industry leaders. Liberty Lift brings artificial lift solutions to companies around the world. Our team of highly skilled employees helps build customer satisfaction and loyalty. The Liberty Lift custom design […]

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