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Liberty Lift is conveniently located to address the needs of companies employed in the oilfield throughout the Permian Basin shale play and beyond. Liberty Lift’s team offers 175 combined years of experience in the industry.

Extensive Knowledge. Innovative Design. Integrated Solutions.

Providing the right equipment and delivering the highest quality, customized services is our priority. Meeting customer needs with efficiency & safety is our aim. We are available 24/7 to provide installation, service and repair to your equipment. At Liberty Lift, we know that when the oil stops flowing, your company stops profiting. Let us help you continue to work quickly, safely and with maximum uptime. Contact Liberty Lift in Midland, Texas, today.

Oil Field Equipment Supplier – Products Featuring the Latest Designs and Unparalleled Engineering

Liberty Lift’s manufacturing specifications exceed API 11E standards and carry the API monogram. That’s trust you can count on. We are a dynamic equipment supplier that understands the ever-changing nature of the oil and gas industry. We continue to expand our products to provide ideal solutions for all stages of your production lifecycle. It is our goal to deliver all-encompassing equipment and support that ensures your long-term production capabilities.

You can maximize production performance with Liberty Lift equipment and services. Rest assured that the combination of our innovative designs and solidly engineered equipment will help your company reach and surpass goals. Whether your company is involved in oil or gas, all our equipment is available for sale or lease by Liberty Lift.  We are one of the largest supply companies in Midland and its surrounding areas. If you want to purchase or need a rental, contact Liberty Lift today.

An Artificial Lift Company With Solutions Through The Whole Production Cycle

Artificial lift systems are our passion. Oil does not flow naturally from drilled wells, and artificial lift equipment is a key solution to that problem. Efficient and reliable artificial lift operations require the right equipment and servicing. At Liberty Lift, we offer field-proven equipment that has been designed by thoughtful, experienced engineers in the oil and gas industry. We manufacture and offer beam pumping units, hydraulic jet pumps, long stroke pumping units, and gas lift systems that can either be leased or purchased.


Energy Equipment and Solutions – Supporting Oil & Gas Operations

Liberty Lift delivers excellence in services to support oil and gas operations in Midland, Texas. The oilfield services industry operates in a multifaceted environment. There are a lot of demands that need to be met, including the demand for energy. Oilfield service providers like us at Liberty Lift are always researching ways to improve performance, efficiency and increase production through innovative energy equipment and services. We offer a full range of services that complement our comprehensive supply of equipment.

Artificial Lift Services Tailored To You

We install all of our strategically designed and manufactured equipment. We also perform gas lift valve hydro-testing and system setup. Other services include but are not limited to:

  • Repair services – We are technologically advanced and flexible. We will repair equipment either purchased or leased from us, or other equipment you have on-site from another supplier. We repair gears, structural components, structural bearings, and boring and sleeving crank arms.
  • Field services – We love to get our hands dirty on-site. We can, among other things, conduct preventative maintenance inspections; install pumping units; replace polished rods; change belts, sheaves and prime movers; optimize stroke changes, unit balancing, and rod string adjustments; conduct routine bearing maintenance; setup and/or repair gas lift systems; install and routinely service hydraulic jet pumps.
  • Fabrication/machining services – Do you need supplies and machinery? Our skilled team can fabricate structural bearings, gears, structural components, and can customize belt guards.

To support oil and gas operations, we always have an inventory of necessary equipment so that we can respond in a timely manner. Our inventory includes such things as new and reconditioned beam pumping units, gas lift mandrels and valves, prime movers, concrete bases, Liberty Lift electric motors, arrow gas motors, hydraulic jet pump units, and hydraulic jet pump parts and rental skids. Our cost-effective services would not be complete without the availability of certain equipment, including crane capabilities up to 90 tons, extended reach bucket trucks, and haul trucks (drop deck and float), all of which help our servicing initiatives to be conducted and completed timely and effectively.

The combination of our technical services, the available inventory, and the equipment necessary to perform propel Liberty Lift into the forefront of other oil field and gas equipment and service companies in the Midland area.

At Liberty Lift, our services are complemented by an experienced team who collaborate to ensure your project is not only completed quickly, but that the servicing exceeds the expectations of our clients. We know your bottom line is at stake every time there’s a problem on-site, and we move accordingly to accommodate you.

We are located at 3209 West Industrial Avenue, Midland, Texas 79701. You can contact us at 432-685-4059 to learn more about our services or to request service.  

Manufacturer of Top-Quality Artificial Lift Equipment

Manufacturing artificial lift equipment is something Liberty Lift has three decades experience doing. We are committed to the most advanced, innovative, efficient manufacturing processes (as much as we are committed to the quality, reliability, and ingenuity of the products themselves). Our engineers are dedicated and are motivated by the challenges inherent to this industry.

Manufacturing artificial lift equipment involves a manufacturing process that is specific and fault-free. It also involves equipment designed by a team of experts that pursue designs that are innovative in accordance with the advanced and ever-changing nature of the industry, as well as with the functionality and performance of the product. At Liberty Lift, we manufacture our well-designed products with care because we know that a well-designed product provides optimal success in the field.

Beam Pumping Units

With 30 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and testing our beam pumping units, we offer several options to meet most requirements. Our High Efficiency (HE) and Enhanced Geometry (EG) beam pumping units offer the following:

  • API Q1 requirements, API 11E specifications and the API monogram
  • Trouble-free installation and parts interchangeability for easy repair
  • 186 degrees of crank rotation for HE beam pumping units & 192 degrees for EG beam pumping units

Among other benefits specific to HE and EG beam pumping units, our units also feature gear reducers, equalizer bearing assembly, saddle bearing assembly, wrist pin assembly, brake assembly, and counterweight calibration capability. You can check our site to learn more about the specifics of each HE and EG beam pumping units and review the specifications accordingly.

Gas Lift Systems

Gas lift systems for tubing and wireline retrievable applications are also offered by us. The specific benefits are certain to help optimize the production and increase the life cycle of your well. The most prominent features of our gas lift systems include:

  • Minimal moving parts
  • Effective dealing with high solid content in flow
  • Effective dealing with deviated holes
  • Can be continuous or intermittent

To learn more about our gas lift systems and to review the respective technical specifications.

If you are in the business of gas or oil production and conduct drillings, have an oil rig, need parts or repairs, among other many tasks and operations, we have the equipment you need to get the job done right.

Long Stroke Pumping Units

Our long stroke (XL) pumping unit is ideal for you to manage production costs but still achieve optimal levels. It provides, among other things:

  • Proven high performance
  • Rugged design to meet any environmental conditions
  • Greater efficiency
  • Unmatched reliability

Our XL Long Stroke pumping unit solves problems. Due to fewer cycles, problems with rods, tubing and workover frequency are reduced. Among other benefits, this unit features top sprockets, a counterweight box, gear reducers, top drum supported by two self-aligning double-row spherical roller bearings, and unit sentry operational safety monitoring, in addition to all the standard features of a long stroke pumping unit. Learn more about our XL Long Stroke pumping units.

Industrial Equipment Supplier – For Midland Based Operations Servicing the Entire Permian Basin

Is your company outsourcing design and manufacturing? Liberty Lift is an industrial equipment supplier for Midland, TX and the surrounding areas. We design, develop, test, and manufacture machinery and equipment, as well as other products, with the purpose of usability, efficiency, quality and service in mind. We are always expanding our equipment products and services to meet the operational needs of oil and gas companies on-site.

First, we understand the nature of the oil and gas industry, the challenges it faces, and the means to address those challenges. We harness this knowledge and apply it when we innovate and create new, integrated equipment, systems and technologies.

Second, we are a solution-oriented business. We troubleshoot. We transform a challenge into a learning process to create and strategize the ideal solution.

Third, we do all of this for our customers. We are a customer-oriented company, and as such, we address your concerns and solve the issues in an expedient manner.

Our approach to supplying industrial equipment to Midland and its surrounding areas is simple: deliver equipment that maximizes output through efficiency and accessibility.

If your company is in Midland or its surrounding area, contact us today either online or at 432-685-4059. We are here for you 24/7 because we know anything can happen, day or night.

Trusted Manufacturer and Distributor of Hydraulic Jet Pumps

Do you have deviated or horizontally-drilled wells at depths ranging from 1,000 to 18,000 feet and well production to 6,000 bpd, with high flow back of contaminated production fluids? If so, your troubles are solved with the versatility and solutions offered by Liberty Lift. Our hydraulic jet pump units incorporate a surface power fluid system, prime mover, surface pump and downhole jet pump. Here are some of the advantages of our hydraulic jet pumps:

  • Seal-less diaphragm positive displacement pump
  • No need for wireline, workover rig, or pulling unit
  • Efficiently handles high volumes of returning frac fluids
  • Handles solids well
  • Multiple wells can be operated from a single manifold
  • Easy on-site nozzle and throat repair
  • Chemicals mixed with power fluid can be used to retard corrosion and paraffin

Learn more about our hydraulic jet pumps.


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