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Liberty Lift Solutions Introduces Long Stroke Rod Pumping Unit

HOUSTON, TX (January 19, 2016) – Liberty Lift Solutions, LLC has introduced its XL model long stroke rod pumping unit.  The product incorporates numerous features designed to promote extended life, operational advantages, energy efficiency and minimal maintenance.

The XL unit will have a size designation of 320-500-306, operates at low speeds with constant velocity, providing fewer strokes per minute with high production rates.  These combined efficiencies assist in reducing stress on the reducer and the sucker rod string, prolonging the life of the unit and component parts at the wellhead.

The pumping unit incorporates an efficient, clean oiling system for internal parts.  While designed with easy access for maintenance, the XL incorporates safety features to protect operating personnel and the environment.

The Unit Sentry feature’s primary use it to protect the XL unit when it detects potential operating abnormalities and to pause or stop the unit when the variable speed drive or pump off control signal this situation.  The Unit Sentry also easily and freely shares information with the variable speed drive or the pump off control.  The XL unit’s integrated rollback system allows easy movement and repositioning for workover operations.

Liberty Lift Solutions has more than 125 years combined experience in artificial lift technologies for the oil and gas industry.  In addition to the XL long stroke units, the company provides and services their High Efficiency (HE) and Enhanced Geometry (EG) model beam pumping units, gas lift systems, and hydraulic lift jet pumps.  Liberty Lift is based in Houston, Texaswith sales offices and service centers in major U.S. drilling regions. For more information, visit www.libertylift.com

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