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Liberty Lift Efforts Provide Oil Industry Pumping Unit Tariff Exclusions

HOUSTON, TX (June 12, 2019) – Liberty Lift Solutions, LLC ( Liberty Lift ) announced that, effective May 29, it has been granted product exclusions from the 25% tariff imposed by Section 301 on certain goods imported from China. The exclusions cover the company’s conventional beam pumping and long stroke artificial lift units.

Liberty Lift president Bobby Evans stated, “We took an aggressive stance to assure that our two principal products would qualify and receive the necessary exclusion. In the process, we retained a Washington D.C. international trade practice law firm, Husch Blackwell, With their help and that of our engineering team, we established that our requests focused on the correct goods under Section 301. We were also supported by our U.S. congressman Pete Olson and Texas Comptroller Glen Hegar and received guidance in the process from the United States Trade Representative’s office.”

Evans further noted, “We are pleased at the outcome of our invested time and resources necessary to receive relief from the tariffs during the lengthy process. Our successful leadership efforts not only benefitted our product costs but also similar products of other U.S. manufacturers. Most importantly, our customers will be positively affected by these efforts.”

Currently a review is being undertaken to establish the timing and amount of refunds due as a result of the exclusion. Liberty Lift is working closely with its customs broker and U.S. Customs to expeditiously obtain the refunds.

Liberty Lift’s senior management team has more than 150 years of combined experience in the engineering and manufacturing of artificial lift technologies for the oil and gas industry. Liberty Lift is based in Houston with its engineering office in Fort Worth, TX, sales offices in Denver, CO and Oklahoma City, OK and service centers in major U.S. drilling regions.

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