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Liberty Lift Adds Plunger Lift Product Line

As Liberty Lift continues its mission to meet producers’ artificial lift needs throughout the life of a well, the company is pleased to announce the addition of a new plunger lift product line

Plunger lift is a low-cost artificial lift technique that has become more popular with operators in the last decade thanks to product improvements and innovations that allow plunger lift to be utilized in higher-producing wells. Operators can now benefit from the added efficiency of a plunger earlier in the well’s life cycle. 

Combining plunger lift and continuous gas lift is very common in today’s unconventional resource plays. The added seal from the plunger can reduce the required injection rate, lower the flowing tubing pressure, and allow for ease of transfer to deeper valves and the operating point. This, in turn, helps reduce the flowing bottom-hole pressure and improves overall gas and fluid production.   

Robust surface tools, downhole springs, and bypass plungers are currently in the development and testing phase, which includes shop and field testing. All our products in the plunger lift line will perform to the same high standards as Liberty Lift’s other industry-leading products.   

The new department will be headed by Clint Garrett and Nathan Boothe, who have 30 years of combined experience in plunger lift operations, service, and sales with some of the top providers in the industry.   

“Clint and Nathan have the very best reputations in the industry for what they do,” said Logan Evans, Director of Operations at Liberty Lift. “The folks we have heading up this new line are going to ensure the department matches the service quality and equipment reliability we’re known for.” 

Liberty Lift's new plunger lift

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