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Hydraulic Jet Surface Pump – Part of Liberty Lift’s Jet Pump Solutions

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Liberty Lift Solutions has a broad product line that provides solutions for oil and gas production at each stage of the well’s life cycle.  At the initial stage where flow volumes are at their highest, one of the technologies that is most effective is the hydraulic jet pump system. It provides an alternative to the gas lift system that, while effective, relies on the availability of wellhead gas.  It is also superior in performance to the electric submersible pump (ESP) which has been high maintenance prone and requires expensive repair and replacement using a workover rig operation to completely pull the tubing string from the hole in order to repair or replace the pump.  This is not the case with the surface pump in the Liberty Lift system.


A Jet Pump System with No VOCs and Less Maintenance

At the well surface, the jet pump system relies on an electric or gas-powered prime mover and an innovative seal-less triplex positive displacement diaphragm hydraulic pump.  The pump, skid-mounted with tracking and monitoring instrumentation upon installation to assure reliable operation, is one of two principal components of the system. The Liberty Lift pump, manufactured by Wanner Engineering is available in a T100 or T200 series triplex, and a Q-155 series Quintiplex.  

The pump design separates the power end from the fluid end.  This complete containment of the pumping liquid eliminates the escape of volatile organic compounds (VOC) into the atmosphere.  The pump has no packing, seals or cups that can require frequent maintenance or replacement.


Reliable Production for All Types of Well

The design also allows for operation with a blocked or closed suction line, and it can run indefinitely without damage to the pump.  These features permit the pump to handle abrasive and corrosive liquids without problems. Cleanup from leakage of failing packing and seals is eliminated, further adding to the product’s environmental sensitivity. No external lubrication of the equipment is required.

The surface pump is compatible with the downhole jet pump that combines into the efficient and productive hydraulic jet pump packed.  It is noted for reliable, trouble-free operation in highly deviated, vertical or horizontal wells. The combined Liberty Lift system is backed by experienced service technicians for on-site field repairs.   


Conveniently Located for Major Drilling Areas Throughout the United States

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