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The Liberty Lift hydraulic jet pump system is an efficient method of optimizing an oil or gas well’s early production volume.  It is used as an alternative in this situation to the gas lift system that is also effective but reliant on an infrastructure that requires natural gas from the wellhead or nearby source.  The jet pump is also a preferred investment compared to the electric submersible pump (ESP) that often requires expensive maintenance and premature replacement when operating in high solids environments and in highly deviated or horizontal environments.


A Jet Pump System Made from 3 Components

The hydraulic jet system is comprised of three basic components, two on the surface and one downhole.  The topside components include an electric or gas powered prime mover and a surface skid-mounted sealless hydraulic triplex positive displacement pump.  The third major system part is a bottom hole assembly with a jet pump.

The flexible downhole jet pump configuration includes multiple parts stacked and integrated with each other.  The standing valve is inserted in the production tubing above the packer. The valve can accommodate gauges to record flow rates.  Proprietary software provides downhole formation monitoring and optimization of performance. Coupled to that is the jet pump housing, and inserted into the housing is the jet pump carrier. The flow of power fluid (usually condensate or water) from the surface pump can be pumped conventionally through the tubing with returns of mixed power fluid and production liquids going up through the annulus.   Alternatively, the reverse flow configuration can be employed to flow through the casing annulus and jet pump nozzle with returns taken up to the surface via the tubing. Once the bottom hole components are locked in place, there are no moving parts in the assembly.

Unlike the ESP which requires a workover rig for repairs and replacement, pulling the entire tubing string out of the well, the jet pump replacement is far simpler.  The standing valve, housing and carrier can be extracted from downhole with a wireline or hydraulic retrieval methods. Throat and nozzle repairs can be handled by experienced field service technicians at the wellhead, minimizing downtime and deferred production.


Reliable & Low-Maintenance Production for All Well Types

The Liberty Lift jet pump can handle more fluids than any other and, because of its rugged construction, is less susceptible to failure from corrosion. When combined into an integrated package with the reliable surface pump, the system offers a dependable, low-maintenance operation in highly deviated, vertical or horizontal oil and gas wells with high flows and heavy sand volumes.  The jet pump operates effectively to 3,000 bpd with operating temperatures to 500◦F at depths to 15,000 feet.


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